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There are a few folder settings that enable you to add a description, manage users, and view your archived lists. Folder settings are accessible only to the folder owner and direct members of a folder. If a list is shared with you but you're not a folder member, you will see the folder name but not be able to make changes to the folder. Some settings, such as the option to delete the folder, are available only to the folder owner. 

Accessing folder settings

In the mobile app, you can access folder settings by swiping left on the name of the folder and tapping the ... button. On the desktop or in the web app, you can find the folder settings by hovering over the folder name and clicking ... when it appears.

Folder name

To change the folder name, simply tap or click in the "Folder Name" field and start typing. 

Folder description

To add or change the description of a folder, open the "Settings" section (this will be open as soon as you open the folder settings on the web or desktop app). Tap or click in the "Description" field and start typing.

Deleting a folder

Only the folder owner can delete it. To delete a folder, go to the "Settings" section and tap or click "Delete Folder". Click "Delete" again in the confirmation dialog. Please note that deleting a folder will completely delete the folder and all lists within it. Once a folder is deleted, you cannot recover it. 


The "Access" section allows you to manage members of the folder. You can add or remove members and groups from here, as well as assign user roles.

To add a member, tap or click "Add Member". To add a group (a function available in the Business plan), tap or click "Add group" then search for the group name and tap or click to add.

To remove a member or group in the web or desktop app, click the X next to their name. To remove a member or group in the mobile app, swipe left on their name and tap the X button. Tap or click "Remove" to confirm.

To change the role of a folder member or group, tap or click on their name and select a new role. 

To transfer ownership of the folder to another user, they must be a member of the folder. Tap or click "Transfer Ownership" and pick them from the list or tap "Add Member".

You can find more detail about these different access functions in the Collaboration section of this Knowledge Base.

Archived Lists

The archived lists section of your folder shows you all lists that have ever been archived from the folder. If you are the folder owner, you can restore or delete a list by tapping or clicking on "Restore" or "Delete" next to the name of a list. Please note that deleting a list is permanent and you will not be able to recover it once it's been deleted.