Reminders in Zenkit To Do are known as "absolute" reminders, which means that you set a reminder for a specific time and date and it doesn't rely on a due date (e.g. remind me on Tuesday at 4pm).

Setting a reminder

To set a reminder, open the task by tapping or clicking on it, then on "Reminder". A date picker will open where you can choose a specific date or time. You can change the month by tapping on the month at the top of the date picker, or even change the year by tapping again on the year (in case you need to be reminded of something 5 years from now ;))

Pick a time by using the arrows to increase or decrease the hours and minutes. Alternatively, you can tap or click on the hour to pick one from an array, or on the minute to pick within 5 minute increments.

Removing a reminder

To delete a reminder, tap or click on "Reminder" and then on "Delete reminder". 

Ensuring you get reminders

Zenkit To Do gives you a range of options when it comes to how you receive your reminders. Your options are  to receive them by email, in-app toast notification, notification via the in-app notification menu (the little bell icon), a push to your desktop, or a mobile push notification (or all 5!).

To change what kinds of notification you get, go to your To Do app settings and toggle them on or off as you need them. Learn more about notification settings.