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Accessing List Actions

List actions are shown in the list settings section. To access list actions via the mobile app, swipe left on the name of the list and tap the "..." button. Alternatively, if the list is open, tap the list name, then tap "Settings". The list actions are shown under the description and icon settings.



To export as a JSON file, select the appropriate field in the "Actions" section. A JSON file stores program code, similar to CSV, Javascript, and XML. Program code is stored in such a file in the form of 'objects', arrays, or other variables. This makes it possible to transfer data back and forth between different programs.

Decide in the following window if you want to add the comments and/or the archived tasks (green means included). If you had activated a filter before opening the menu, you can also decide whether you want all the items or only those of the filter.

Once you have added and selected everything you want, click "Generate JSON". You can either copy the file to your clipboard or download it.


To export as a CSV file, select the appropriate field in the "Actions" section.

Pick which information you want to include in the CSV file. 

Keep rich text will keep HTML and Markdown formatting in the CSV file. Please note that this may cause problems with the way the CSV displays.

Include comments will include the item's comments in a separate column.

Include checklists will create a column containing any checklists on the item.

Wrap values in quotation marks will surround all information in all fields by quotation marks, e.g. "02.01.2018" instead of just 02.01.2018. This can be used as a last resort if your CSV is not displaying properly due to punctuation marks like commas or semicolons being used as the delimiter and being included in the text. 

Include archived tasks will export all archived items inside the collection as well.

Choose a delimiter from the drop-down menu. You can choose from a comma, semicolon, colon, space or tabulator. We recommend using a comma, semicolon, or tabulator.

Lastly, check the format of the csv export then choose either "Download file" or "Copy to Clipboard".

All fields will be rendered in the first line of the CSV file as column headers. Meta data such as "Created By" and "Created At" will also be included in the file. You can now export all files from your collection within a ZIP file. Click "Download with Files" to create the ZIP file. 


To export all your attached files as ZIP, scroll to the bottom of the action section and select "Export files". You can then select in more detail exactly which files are to be downloaded. 

Download all files of the active tasks, or the files of a currently active filter and decide whether to include or exclude archived tasks.

Actions from the navigation menu:

Action Definitions

Most of the list actions are fairly self explanatory:

Move to new Folder - This allows you to create a new folder to move your list into. If you want to move a list to an existing folder, simply drag and drop it. This option is shown only via the home page "..." access.

Email List - Email a text version of all the tasks in the list via the email app or software of your choice (or whatever opens by default on your device).

Print List - Print your list from the print function on your browser. If using the mobile or desktop app, this will create a PDF for you to print.

Duplicate List - Create a copy of your list, including all tasks within it. (Repeaters and reminders will also be copied).

Move to Folder - Move the list to an existing folder. This option is shown only when you access the actions from inside the list settings. If you want to move a list to a new folder from outside of the list settings, you simply need to drag and drop it.

Bulk Action - Apply the same value to a field for all tasks in the list

Move to List - Move all the tasks to another list. They will no longer appear in the original list, but a copy will be shown in the archive.

Copy to List - Copy all the tasks to another list. Tasks will be duplicated exactly and added to another list.

Archive - Archive the entire list. Archived lists don't appear on your home list but are recoverable from your folder settings.

Delete - Permanently delete the list. This action is non-reversible and only the list owner can delete it. Once it's been deleted it's gone forever!