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The iCalendar Subscription add-on creates a unique link that you can use to add your Zenkit To Do tasks to any calendar of your choice. It is a one-way sync, from Zenkit To Do to the other calendar. Changes you make in the other calendar app will not be reflected in the Zenkit task.

Enable iCalendar Subscription

To enable the iCalendar subscription add-on, go to your list settings then to "Manage Add-Ons". Tap or click on "Add" next to "iCalendar". Copy the iCal link to your clipboard, then tap or click 'Enable' in the top right hand corner.

Add your Zenkit iCalendar link to another calendar app

Copy the URL shown in the iCalendar Subscription add-on settings. (Note: the add-on has to be enabled for this to work.) This is the subscription URL you should use to add your Zenkit To Do tasks to another calendar app.

Here's how you can subscribe to a calendar using various popular calendar apps:

Mac Calendar

iPhone or iPad Calendar

Manage or Disable the iCalendar add-on

To manage or disable the iCalendar subscription add-on, open the list settings, then go to "iCalendar Subscription" under the "Add-ons" section.

Here you can reset the iCal link to invalidate the old one. If you reset the link, any calendar that the old link is added to will no longer receive new input from Zenkit To Do. 

To disable the add-on, click on "Remove Add-On" at the bottom of the settings. If you disable this add-on, the iCal link becomes obsolete, similar to if you reset the link. If you want to enable it again, you will have to add the subscription to your other calendar app again using the new link.

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