Really want to leave Zenkit? You can permanently delete your account from your Zenkit Profile.

In your profile settings, scroll right to the bottom. You'll see a large button that says "Delete Account" in red. Tap or click this button.

A popup will appear warning that once you delete your account, all of your resources (e.g. collections or lists) will be marked for permanent deletion. This means that if you collaborate with others, the resources you own that they're working on will be deleted, too. In order for them to continue working, you need to transfer the ownership of your resources to them.

You can do so very easily from this window. Click or tap on the name of a collection or list, then choose a new owner from the list of options, then click "Save". Once you're done transferring everything you need, click or tap Continue.

A popup will appear asking you to confirm that you want to leave Zenkit. To confirm, type in your password.

You can share a reason for why you're leaving Zenkit if you'd like.

Please note: As required by GDPR laws, we permanently delete all data. Once you delete your account, all data in resources that you own will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

Resources that you are a member of, but do not own, will remain but your presence will be removed from them. In cases where you cannot be removed entirely (e.g. if you have commented on tasks), your name and username will be anonymized. 

If you are the owner of a resource that others will need to collaborate on, you will need to transfer ownership of it before you delete your account.

What to do if you do not have a password

If you signed up using an OAuth login, like Google or Facebook, you will not have a password associated with your account. You can create a password very quickly from the Profile settings, then use that to confirm your account deletion.

We require a password when deleting your account in order to safeguard your data from accidental or malicious deletion.

Important - Account deletion v.s. product removal

Deleting your account in this way will permanently delete your entire Zenkit account and therefore access to all Zenkit products. If instead, you want to stop using a certain product, you can disconnect that product from your Zenkit Suite.