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An Organization is a way to manage multiple users and groups inside Zenkit. Admin users can create groups to manage user access, set up SAML-based SSO and automatic provisioning through SCIM, and monitor changes within the organization through audit logs.

Organizations are available to Zenkit Business and Enterprise plans. Currently, only the organization owner or users with the "Organization Admin" role may configure organization settings. Only the organization owner can delete the organization or create new subscriptions for Zenkit

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As soon as the account upgrades to Business or Enterprise, you can contact our sales or support team to request that the Organization function is activated. The organization is initially given the same name as the name provided by the account holder in their Zenkit profile.

We strongly recommend that you choose a "neutral" Zenkit account as the Organization owner, such as or This is because it is not possible to disable the Organization function on an account after it's been enabled.  

Manage your organization

To access the organization settings from your admin account, click on the profile icon, then on your icon again. You'll see the name of your organization in the Profile section (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the window), with a "Manage" button to the right. Click this to open the organization settings.

To rename your organization, click on the text bar on the 'Overview' page to change the text.

The menu on the left can be used to manage the organization users and groups, authentication options, automatic provisioning, and additional permissions. Audit logs can be used to monitor organization activities.