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The hierarchy view is a representation of items and their subitems in a tiered list view. The hierarchy view lets you manipulate the hierarchy of items by dragging and dropping them along a vertical and horizontal axis. Items that appear in the hierarchy view will also appear in the mind map view, and can be manipulated there, too!

Creating a hierarchy view

To create a hierarchy view, open the view menu and click "+ New View". Choose 'Hierarchy' from the list. 

 If you've not yet created a subitem field for the collection, you will be prompted to do so. Click on "Create  and continue". 

The subitem field is the field that contains the information about which items are connected to the other items and where they sit in the hierarchy. There can only be one subitem field per collection.

Creating items and subitems

Items and subitems are related to each other through the hierarchical subitems field. Items that are in the first level of the hierarchy are parent items that have child items and other decedents. Just like in list view, you can create items by clicking the "Add item..." bar at the top of the view. Each item added in this way will be a first-tier item. To create a subitem, either drag any item from anywhere else in the view underneath another item, or open an item and add an item under the "Subitems" field. 

Items you add as subitems will automatically appear on the hierarchy field and in the related mind map.

Unconnected items

If you've already created items in your collection, they'll appear in the loose items panel. You can open this panel by clicking on 'Unconnected' in the top right hand corner of your hierarchy view. right-hand

Unconnected items are not subtasks, nor are they parent items to other items in the hierarchy, and also will not appear on the connected mind map. Unconnected items can be added to the hierarchy view by dragging and dropping them onto the main hierarchy panel. The hierarchy assigned to an item depends on where you place it - items dragged to the top have a level one hierarchy (i.e. they will not become a subitem); dragging an item underneath another item will cause it to become the subitem of that item. 

Removing an item from the hierarchy view

To remove an item from the hierarchy, or return it to 'Unconnected', you can simply drag and drop it from the hierarchy view back into the 'Unconnected' panel. Alternatively, click on the vertical "..." icon that appears when you hover over the item in the hierarchy and choose "Disconnect".

Manage the hierarchy view settings

To manage the hierarchy view settings, click on the "..." icon that appears in the top right-hand corner of the view.

Here you can rename the view, change the size of items, collapse or show all items, and choose whether the view is shown to all members of the collection or not via the "team view" toggle.

Collapse and open subitems

You can collapse the entire view to see only first-tier tasks. To do so, the view settings and click 'Collapse All'. To open/show all items in the hierarchy view, click 'Open All'. right-hand

If you just want to collapse or open a subset of items on the view, you can use the small arrow icons that appear on items to toggle lists of items open and closed.