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Each collection is created with 4 blank views: List, Kanban, Table, and Calendar. Additionally, you can create a Mind Map, Hierarchy, Wiki and Gantt view.  You can have multiples of most of these views except mind map and hierarchy, each with a particular filter attached to them, and displayed in any order you like. If you don't use a particular view that often, you can simply delete it and it won't appear on your views menu until you add it again.

Creating a new view

To create a new view, click the "+" icon on the right side of your views bar and select one of the available views. Click "Create" to create the view.

Your new view's settings will open and you'll be able to rename it, add filters, and more.

Setting a default filter for a view

You can add a saved filter to a view, meaning that each time you open that view, the filter is automatically applied! This means that even if you navigate away from the page, or change views, you can return to the exact view & filter combination you want to use. To attach a filter, add the desired conditions as described here

After that, the option to set a default filter and saving the filter will become visible. Click on "Set as default filter for "X"" to apply the filter to your view.

The filter can then be edited by clicking on the filter icon in the top right corner. Removing the filter works almost the same way as adding it. The menu below the possible filter conditions will then say "Remove Filter from "List".

Note: this is just a default filter applied when you first open the view. If you apply a new filter, or click on "Show all items", it will revert back to the default the next time you open the collection.

Renaming a view

You can rename views, which is especially handy if you have lots of different views and want to be able to navigate between them easily. To rename a view, click on 'Edit' next to the view name to open the view options, then double-click on the view name to change it.

Re-ordering views

You can change the order in which views appear in the view menu. To do so, simply drag & drop them in the tab bar. 

Deleting a view

To delete a view, open the view options menu, click on the "..." icon, then click "Delete" and confirm the deletion in the pop-up. Poof, it's gone.

Making a view public

You can make a view "public" which means that it will be visible to all members who have access to the collection. To make a view public, click on "Edit" next to the name of the view, then turn the "Public" toggle to the on position. 

Private Views are marked with a lock symbol. All public views are visible within the views bar at the top of your collection.

 Public views will also be optionally visible in your published collections.