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Recurring items are controlled by a repeater that lets you repeat items in regular intervals over a certain period of time. You can choose when and how often an item repeats, and for how long.

Recurring items are currently only available to users with a paid Zenkit Base Plus or higher subscription. 

Adding a repeater

To make an item repeat, click on "Add" at the bottom of an open item, then choose "Repeater" from the drop down menu.
This will open the repeater settings, where you can choose when, where, and how often an item repeats. Repeat every refers to how often an item should repeat. You can select an interval from the drop down menu - days, weeks, months, or years. You can also choose how often the interval should occur. Add a value in the box to the left of the menu to alter the interval. E.g. every 3 weeks.

Repeat on lets you choose the day on which an item should repeat. If you choose to repeat each week, you'll be able to choose one or more days to repeat on. To select a day, just click on it. To deselect it, click again.

If you choose a monthly repeater, you can choose either the date on which the item should repeat, or the first or last of a particular weekday. 

Ends refers to when the repeater should stop. You can choose for it to repeat indefinitely with "Never", on a particular date, or after a particular number of occurrences.

Date Field refers to which date field in your collection the repeating items should appear. By default, this is the first date field on the item. You can choose a different date field by clicking on the button.

When you're done selecting your options, click "Create". This will create virtual items, visible in the calendar view, for the number of repeats you selected.

Virtual items

Virtual items are items that appear in the calendar view of your collection in the date field you selected your item to repeat in.
Virtual items do not count toward your Zenkit item limit. When you click on a virtual item, Zenkit will ask if you would like to create it. If you click "Create", this will turn into a real item that will count towards your item total. You can then edit the item, add labels, comments, etc.

Editing repeated items

At the moment it is possible only to edit one item at a time. Changes to one item will not be saved to any other item in the repeater (even non-virtual ones). 

If you want to make big changes and have them repeated, just delete the repeater and create a new one after your item changes have been made. 

We will work to make it possible to edit repeating items (including virtual ones) in the future. 

Deleting a repeater

To delete a repeater, click on where it shows the repeater details on your item.

 A small window will appear with information about the repeater, and an option to delete it.

Click on "Delete" to remove all future virtual items. (Non-virtual items that you created will remain).

Recurring events in Google Calendar

At the moment, recurring events in Google Calendar are not linked to repeaters in Zenkit, so creating a recurring event in Google Calendar will only show one event in Zenkit. If you create a recurring event in Zenkit, each time a virtual item is made into a real item, it will appear in Google Calendar. Therefore we recommend that you create your recurring events in Zenkit first, so they will sync with Google. We will work on syncing them in the future. 

Please note

  • Virtual items are 'created' by Zenkit automatically as soon as the due date of the previous item is over. E.g. if today is your birthday, the virtual item for next year's birthday will already be created.
  • Changing one item in a repeater will not apply those changes to the other items
  • Archiving a repeated item will not cause other items in the repeater to be archived. To delete future items, you need to delete the repeater

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