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Ever just needed to talk about your project or collection without needing to pin it to a specific item? Well, in Zenkit you can comment in collections via the collection activities! Please note that comments are now more like a chat, since the release of Zenchat!)

To view collection comments, click on the collection activities icon to expand it (or look at your collection activities panel).

You will see all collection activities, comments on items and collection level comments in one place. To see only comments, click on "Activity", then choose "Comments".

Collection comments and item comments can be differentiated by the appearance of a link pointing to the item on which an item comment appears. (Collection comments don't have this link).


Adding a collection comment

To add a collection comment, click into the bar where it says "Add comment..." and start typing. Hit enter to send the comment.

You can @mention other users by typing @ and then the beginning of their user name, or by clicking on the @ icon to the right hand side.