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Although Zenkit supports email notifications that alert you when any activities occur in collections you're subscribed to, or when you're added as a member to an item, you may choose to disable those and instead fine-tune your notifications using Zapier.

In order to do this, you first need to set up your Zenkit account in Zapier

Setting up the Trigger

To start creating email notifications, choose the activity in Zenkit that you want to trigger an email. In this example, Zapier will be set up to send an email when a new item is created in Zenkit.

The first step is to select Zenkit as your trigger app when you set up your new Zap.
Next, select the trigger you want, in this case, adding a new item. Choose the Zenkit account that you want to use. If you haven't already added an account, you'll need to connect it using your Zenkit API key.
 Next, choose the workspace and collection you want to be notified about. (Note: if you try to choose a collection without picking a workspace first, you'll be shown an error code). You then need to test the step. Check that the correct workspace & collection are shown, then click 'Fetch & Continue'. Zapier will find an example item in your collection to use throughout the rest of the set up so you have a real-life example of what data you'll be using. 

Once it's complete, you'll be able to review the information before you continue to the next step. 


Setting up the Action

The next step will help you create your email notification. The action is the thing another app should do when the trigger occurs. You need to select the email app you want to use to send notifications from. 

Choose the action that you want to use. Then select the email account you want to send emails from. If you haven't connected an email account yet, you can do it easily by clicking 'Connect a new Account' at this stage.Next, you need to set up a template for the email. The minimum requirements are to set a 'To' address, subject, and body, but you can include a lot more information such as labels or attachments if you'd like to. To add information from Zenkit to a field, click the 'Add Field' button shown on the right of the input bar (lines with a plus icon). You can then select from a list of Zenkit fields to be included in your email.Once you're happy, you can test the Zap. You'll be shown a preview of the type of email you'll send, with data from the example trigger item. Click 'Create & Continue' to send a test email.Now you're done! Click the big blue box to turn your box on.