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Custom backgrounds and themes give you control over how Zenkit looks. The best thing? It's personal. Any theme or background you set from your profile will only be seen by you, so you can totally have a cat gif as your background, even if it would drive the rest of your team mad. 

Background hierarchy

Because you can customize Zenkit at two different levels (profile and collection), it follows a hierarchy to determine which background or theme to show you.

The hierarchy is as follows:

Collection > Profile 

This means that the collection background overrides the profile background. If someone enables the Collection Themes add-on and chooses a background, all members of that collection will see that background instead of their profile background.

Your profile background is what's shown on the home page and in all collections where the Collection Theme add-on is disabled. 


You can choose your personal background from your profile settings under the "Theme" tab. Collection backgrounds can be set from the "Manage Add-Ons" tab in the collection properties (enable "Collection Themes"). All show the same structure:

Colors refer to solid colors to use as a background.

Images refer to images available on Zenkit.

Textures refer to tiled, textured backgrounds.

When you choose from these preset background types, Zenkit will also automatically apply a certain theme type that matches the background. 


Themes dictate how text, items, and menus are displayed. Themes are a preset selection of images with more 'fun' item and text colors. We'll keep updating this section with more themes! 


Customs allow to to completely customize your background, theme type, item style & display style. Click on the "+" icon to add a new custom style, then upload an image of your choice.

Once your image is uploaded, click on "Edit" to bring up the customization menu.

Display Type chooses between displaying your chosen image as a tile or completely covering the background. 

Tiled background display:

Cover background display:

Theme Type lets you choose an appropriate theme for the chosen image. The light theme works best when your chosen background is light, and therefore creates light items & menus with dark text.

The dark theme type usually suits a dark background and creates dark items and menus with light text.
Item Style lets you choose whether your items and menus are completely opaque or slightly transparent. 

Regular item style: 

Transparent item style: