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Zenkit supports offline access to your collections from the web app, mobile apps, and desktop apps. You can now use Zenkit at the office, on a plane, or on your daily commute, without worrying about getting a good wifi signal! 

How it works

You can optionally download Zenkit collections, either on a per-collection basis or by enabling auto sync in your profile settings. Once enabled, when you open a collection in the Zenkit app or in your browser, it downloads your collection data and stores it locally on your device.

The first time you open a collection, it downloads everything, but the next time you open it, it only downloads or ‘syncs’ changes and additions to your collection, not the whole thing all over again (phew!).

Once a collection has been saved locally, you can access everything in it, make changes, archive items, whatever you like! These changes are all saved in the local copy of your collection, then once you reconnect to the internet, they’re synced with the main Zenkit server. This means that whether you access Zenkit from your phone or from the web, they’ll stay perfectly in sync. However, only collections downloaded using the same browser will be available. For example, saved collections on your phone cannot be accessed from your computer if you haven't downloaded them there, too. 

How to tell if you have offline access

  • When you open a collection, you'll see a circle with an arrow in it next to the collection name. This icon shows you the status of your collection.
  • A green arrow shows that the collection is available offline.
  • If the icon is flashing between black and green, it indicates that the collection is currently syncing.
  • A red arrow signifies that the collection is not available offline because there was an error syncing the offline storage to the Zenkit server. 
  • No arrow at all signifies that the collection is not available offline. 

Offline access settings

To access the settings for offline access on the device you're on, go to the "Offline Support" tab of your profile settings.

It will tell you which device you're on, and how much offline data is stored on your device. In addition to that, it will give you two further options: If you want to clear all of the Zenkit data stored on your device, click "Clear X downloaded collections". This will only clear offline data on the device you're currently using, not any other device you've used to access Zenkit. Logging out will also clear the offline storage. To make your collections available offline after clearing your offline storage, please open them again to initiate syncing.

The Autosync toggle lets you choose whether or not you want to automatically download collections that you open onto your current device. To disable auto-sync, click the toggle to the off position.

Note: Disabling auto sync will mean that collections you create or open for the first time will not be available offline. If you would like a select few collections to be available offline, please make sure you enable offline access for those collections manually. 

Enabling sync for one collection

To enable or re-enable sync for a collection, open the collection options by clicking on the collection name, then click the "Download" toggle in the left side panel.
Your collection will immediately download to your device. The download is complete when the arrow icon next to the collection name stops flashing.

Disabling sync for one collection

To disable offline sync for one collection, click on the arrow icon, then click on "Disable". The collection will be reloaded from the server and the arrow icon will disappear from the collection title.

To view more about the offline status of your collection, or to disable or re-sync the collection, click on the arrow to open the offline settings menu.