Other than modifying the task content, there are also a few actions available for tasks. To view these, open the task, then click or tap on the ... icon in the top right hand corner of the task.

Open in another Zenkit product

This option allows you to open the task in another Zenkit product such as To Do (shown above) or Base. This option is shown only if you have those other products installed, and/or have connected resources from those products with Zenchat.

Share link

This option will copy a direct link to the task to your clipboard. You can use this link to share the task with anyone who has access to the chat in which it was created. It will be opened in the form of a Topic Chat.


This will duplicate the task and also any of the values in its fields. Please make sure that you have all the information filled out that you want to copy before you choose to duplicate it.

Archive Topic

This will send the topic to the archive. Currently the archive is not accessible from within the chat settings, and will only be visible if you scroll to find the original message it was created from. 

Delete Topic

This will permanently  delete the task from the list of tasks. Please note that this action means that the task will no longer be able to be restored, and that deleting a task in a chat will mean that it is not accessible in any other Zenkit product.