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The favorites function is a simple way to bookmark important notes that you need to refer to frequently, or that you're currently working on and want easy access to. 

Viewing favorites

You can find all pages marked as a favorite in the "Favorites" section of the navigation panel, underneath the navigation to other areas of the app.

Clicking on one of these will immediately open that page in Hypernotes.

Another way to see which notes are favorited is to open the table view. The notes marked with a yellow star in the column to the far right are favorited pages. 

Marking a note as a favorite

From the same table view, you can simply click on the star icon in the column on the right to mark a note as a favorite (or to unmark it). Alternatively, if the note is already open, you can simply click on the star icon in the top right hand corner of the page.

Favorite tasks

When using the Tasks function, you'll notice that each task also displays a star icon in the top right-hand corner when it's opened. Clicking this star will mark it as a favorite. However, this will not cause it to appear in the "Favorites" section of your navigation panel like a starred page does. Instead, it shows the task displayed with a star in the main task list. Additionally, if you've connected your notebook to another Zenkit product like To Do or Base, favorite tasks from Hypernotes will also appear in the Favorites sections of those apps.

To star a task, you can open the task and click the star in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, you can open the task's quick action menu in the main task list by clicking the vertical ... icon that appears on hover:

Then choose "Add to favorites" from the menu: