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Comment on projects

Have you ever just needed to talk about a specific project without tying it to a specific task? In Zenkit, you can now comment on project activities in projects.

To view the project comments, click on the speech bubble icon to expand it.

You can now see all project activities, task comments, and project-level comments in one place. To view only comments, select "Comments" in the grey bar.

You can also dock the activities window as a panel. To do this, click the panel icon in the upper left corner of the window.

Project comments and task comments are distinguished by the appearance of a link that leads to the task to which the comment belongs. (Project comments do not include a link).

Adding a project comment

To add a project comment, click in the field that says "Add comment..." and start typing. Press the Enter key to submit the comment.

Adding a task comment

To add a comment to a task, open the task details of the task you want to comment on. At the bottom of the task details, click in the "Add comment..." field and start typing.

Comments are displayed in the activity feed and are annotated with the time and date of the comment. 

Mention users

If you want to write to a specific person, you can mention them by typing "@" followed by the username. Depending on the project's privacy, Zenkit will suggest either project members or folder members in the dropdown menu as you type. 

Another way to mention someone in the comments is to drag the member icon into the comment field.

If you click on the "..." icon of a comment and then click "Reply", the person you are replying to will automatically be @mentioned and notified of your reply.

You can edit comments after you post them by clicking the "Edit" button and delete them by clicking "Delete".

Turning comments into tasks

To turn comments into tasks, click "Convert to task" after you have clicked the "..." icon in the top right corner of the comment. 

The task will then appear within your project without a stage. To edit the task and add more information to it, simply click on the task within the comment section.