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We have developed a feature in Zenkit that allows works councils to manage the activities and accesses of the organization. Give permission to which functions your employees have within the organization and which activities should be logged but no longer displayed.

To get to the permission settings, open the organization dialog by clicking on the profile icon at the bottom left of the navigation panel. Then click on your name. In the profile settings, you will see your organization name in the left margin below the profile icon. Either click on it or click "Manage" within the settings in the "Organization" section. Then select "Permissions".


Activities show a detailed history of your data and document all changes. If you don't want your organization members to see this information, you can disable showing activities. 

Please note: Comments will still be shown


Alternatively, you could decide to show activities but hide the timestamps. This way, your members can still retrace the changes but won't be able to see when exactly a change has been made. 

Please note: This also hides timestamps of comments


By default, your organization members can invite any Zenkit user to your resources. Change this setting if you only want explicit organization members to be able to gain access