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To keep your notebooks up to date and as clearly arranged as possible, it may become handy to archive or maybe even delete pages and tasks.

Archiving Pages

Notebook pages can be deleted using the table view of your notebook. In that view, you will be able to see a list of all your pages. To change to table view open the navigation panel on the left side of an opened notebook. Choose "Table". 

Choose the pages you want to achieve by clicking the small circle on the left side of each row. You can either archive single pages or multiple ones using bulk. Click "x selected" in the top right and choose "Archive".

Alternatively, you can archive pages from the knowledge graph using the same steps. Select the pages that you want to archive and click "x selected". Choose "Archive Item" to archive the page or pages. To select multiple pages press "Alt" while selecting the nodes.

Archiving Tasks

You can access your list of tasks in each notebook by either clicking on "Tasks" in the navigation menu on the left side or by clicking "x Tasks" in the top right corner. To archive a task, hover over it until the "..." icon appears. Click it and select "Archive".

Accessing the Archive and permanently deleting pages and tasks

The archive can be accessed from the notebook settings. Click the notebook in the navigation panel (of an opened notebook) on the left to open the settings. Scroll to the very bottom of the settings until you see the section "Archive". The archive is divided into tasks and pages. Click whichever archive you want to access. You will have the option to restore or permanently delete all tasks/pages in bulk. 

If you are looking for a specific task or page, you can search for it using the filter icon in the top right corner. Hover over the task or page you want to delete or restore and click the "..." icon. 

Please note that deleting tasks and pages are permanent and can not be undone. When deleting a page or task you will therefore be asked to confirm the action.