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Markdown can be used to add formatting elements to a plain text document. It is a lightweight markup language that is one of the world's most popular markup languages. 

Exporting the entire Notebook

Just like with all other exporting options you have to open the notebook settings to export the entire notebook. Click on the notebook cover within the navigation panel and click "Export as Markdown".

In the following, you will be asked whether you want it to be flat Markdown or a regular Markdown. Flat markdown means that list indicators/bullet point indicators for every line in the exported text will not be added.  

Just Markdown:

Flat Markdown: 

# Page 

- Block 1    

- Block 1.1 

- Block 2

# Page 

Block 1 

Block 1.1 

Block 2

Click "Generate Markdown" to create your file. After that, you can save it by using the "Download file" button.

Exporting single pages

You can also export single pages in Markdown. To do so open the page you want to export and click the "..." icon in the top right corner. 

Just like when exporting an entire notebook, click "Export as Markdown". After that, you can again decide on whether you want it to be flat or regular markdown and also if you want to include the title or not.

After having activated, whatever you want to add, click "Generate Markdown". You will get the option to either copy it to your clipboard or download the file to your device again.