So that the forms can be applied to all areas, we offer different control types. To add new control types, click on "Add Control". You can give all fields a title and a description. Depending on your needs, you can also add a placeholder. Also, select whether the information is required or the response is optional.


"Text" gives respondents the option to enter free text in the given field. Add a description to your question or sentence and place a placeholder in the box, to show, what corresponding answers could look like. You can also make this a required field. This way the form can only be submitted when it was filled out. 

Additionally, you can allow multiline answers and add a validation pattern to the control type as well as a character limit.


The control type Checkbox is especially useful if, for example, terms of use are to be accepted in the questionnaire. 


Inputting numbers can be very useful for acquiring any numerical value. Ask for age, quantity or other values. The ones filling out the form will be able to adjust the values using the small arrows at the right edge of the field.

In addition, you can convert this control type into a slider. Here you can set a minimum or maximum for the numerical value.


Ask for the dates of birth, a date the respondent is free or the date they'd wish to meet. Let the respondents type in a date or choose from the calendar that is displayed. Just like in our other Zenkit products by clicking on the month or year at the top, you will receive other more broad options to choose from. 

Text Output

Use this field to provide additional information and format it using Markdown if required. Your respondents will not be able to interact with this so this field is great for additional information within your form.

To learn more about how you can format your text, click here.


Drawings definitely make Zenforms stand out in comparison to other form apps. You can make your respondents sign the forms, make them colour the field in their favourite colour or let them create tiny drawings. 


Allow documents such as contracts, pictures (passport photo) or even drawings to be uploaded.

Multiple Choice

Specify all available options or allow custom answers. Respondents can type those in below the given choices. 


Enable links to other Zenkit Base Collections and make the forms way more efficient this way. In addition to the description and the placeholder, you can also decide whether filling this out is required and if multiple references are allowed.


Allows you to send a confirmation email but also checks that the contents of the field comply with the formatting of email addresses. When enabling this control type, you can allow or deny sending a confirmation email.

Dropdown Selection

Gives respondents the option to choose from pre-set answers. You can also make this control type a required field and add placeholders and a description.

Dropdown selections can be hidden or visible to the respondents. This particular control type for example can be used to create new form views or different forms within one collection.