Every single response that is sent by filling out the form creates an item in the corresponding collection. Just as you might have already experienced in Zenkit Base, those items can be deleted, moved around, edited as well as archived. 

Accessing the archive

The archive can be accessed via the collection settings which can be opened by clicking the name of an opened form in the top left corner of the screen. 

Within the collection settings, you will find two sections called "General" and "Add-Ons". Within the "General" section the word "Archive" will be listed. Click "Archive" to open it.

Managing archived items

After having clicked on "Archive", you will find a list of archived items. These can be restored and permanently deleted from here. In addition to that, you can manage the items in bulk. 

Restoring or permanently deleting single responses

To delete or restore single items, simply hover over the respective item and click the "..." symbol. Choose "Restore" and the item will then appear as a regular response in your collection.

To permanently delete the item, choose "Delete" and confirm the deletion after that. 

Please note that permanently deleted items can not be recovered.

Restoring and permanently deleting responses in bulk

To restore all archived responses click "Restore x Responses" at the very bottom of the window. Deleting all responses at once works the same way. In addition to clicking "Delete x Responses", you will again have to confirm the deletion. Just as mentioned above, deleting items permanently can not be undone.

In case you do not want to restore or delete every single response from the archive but still want to restore or delete multiple items at once, you can do so by pressing the option/alt key while selecting the desired items. Follow the same steps as described above. 

Searching archived responses using the filter

In case the archive contains many different responses it might be a bit tricky to find a specific item. The filter function can become very helpful with that. By clicking the filter symbol you can search by title, add new filter conditions and even make very specific searches using the AND/OR feature. Click here to learn more about the filter function in Zenkit.