Imagine you want to survey a large number of people from different areas. You still want to collect the answers in a collection, but you want to tailor the questions to each area. For this purpose, conditional logic is very helpful. 

Using it, you can make a specific form page appear based on the answer to a previous question. This way, despite the size of the group, the respondents get targeted questions, which they can then answer specifically.

Create pages

Until now, the option to create a conditional logic always appears only when some pages already exist in the form. It is therefore recommended to create all pages first and to mark them with headings for a better overview. 

For example, if I want to survey the different departments in an employee survey, I create pages with the titles Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, IT, etc.

Form Field

You can then create the form control, which will direct respondents to individual pages of the form. A multiple-choice question is most appropriate for this. Note that the answer to this field must be "Required". (You can activate the toggle within the "Field settings")

Set up conditional logic

Now you can create the desired setup conditional by clicking on the "..." icon in the upper right corner of the page with the multiple choice question. Then select "Settings".

At the bottom of the page settings, you can now select "+ Conditional Logic". Select the question on which the conditional logic is based and add the condition to your selection

In this case, "includes" is selected. However, you can also customize it to suit your needs. In the third field of this section, you now select the answer that a particular page of the questionnaire should produce.

Here, for example, "Marketing" is selected for the answer to the question in which area the person works. As a result, the respondent should also be redirected to the "Marketing" page. So from the drop-down next to "Go to page" also select "Marketing".

It is also possible to trigger redirection to the same page for multiple responses. To do this, click "Add condition". 

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