The global files view enables you to see all files attached to your tasks within one list across all projects. Easily find specific tasks by searching within the global search bar and managing the grouping and sorting with a few clicks. To create the global files view click on "Create Smart View and select "Global Files".

After creating your global task list, it can be found in the side panel on the left side under "Smart Views". 

Simply click the search bar in the top right corner to type in a name of the file you are looking for. The toggle, which you can see at the top of the screen can be moved to adjust the size of the files displayed. The default sorting of the global files view is the "Upload Date". To change that, simply click on it and choose from the other options. To add a grouping simply click on "Group By" and choose the desired grouping. 

In addition to the functions mentioned above, you can in- and exclude specific projects and also adjust the icon size by clicking the "..." icon in the top right corner. 

To manage which projects are included in the global files view, simply click "Included Projects" at the very top of the menu. By default, all projects are included in the view. Click the filter icon and choose "Selected" after that to change that.

Now you will be able to choose specific Projects, Folders and even Organizations that should be included in the view. Simply click "Projects"/"Folders"/"Organizations" to find a list of all possible ones to choose from. In case you can not find what you are looking for straight away, there is a search bar at the top of each section.