Especially when working with multiple notebooks it can be hard to find specific attachments within them. This is where the global files view can become very helpful. It shows your files across all notebooks within a single view. To access the global files view, simply open the side panel on the left of the screen and click the tiny attachment symbol. 

After having clicked "files" you'll see a collection of all files. To make finding specific files easier you can search them by name or change the grouping, or sort type.

Simply click the search bar in the top right corner to type in a name of the file you are looking for. The toggle, which you can see at the top of the screen can be moved to adjust the size of the files displayed. The default sorting of the global files view is the "Upload Date". To change that, simply click on it and choose from the other options. To add a grouping simply click on "Group By" and choose the desired grouping. 

The functions mentioned above can be managed and accessed via the "..." icon in the top right corner as well.