As Zenkit offers many different ways for collaboration between team members, companies, friends and so on, it is possible to be part of multiple organizations at once. As this can quickly become very confusing, it is now possible to view all organizations. Besides showing a list of all organizations, it is also possible to view the various projects and folders that belong to the respective organizations.

There are different ways of seeing which organization the projects belong to. One option would be to expand the navigation panel on the left side of the screen and click on "All Organizations" in the upper area. This will open a drop-down menu where you will see the different projects listed. Clicking on the appropriate organization will only display content from that organization.

Another way to get this information is to open the Zenkit Projects home screen. Click the little projects icon within the navigation panel, to access the home screen. 

Here you will see all the projects listed. In the top right corner of each project, the folder name will be visible. To see more details about each folder and its origins, simply click the folder name. The corresponding organization name will appear at the very top of the settings. 

In this example, "Workt" is the folder's name, and the sentence beneath the project name you will see the project description. 

A different way of viewing all organizations you are part of is going via your profile settings. To get there, simply click on the profile icon in the screen's bottom left corner. 

Scroll to the section labelled "Organizations". Here you will first see the name of your primary organization. If you are also the owner of that organization, you can manage your organization by clicking the field below.

Click "All organizations you have access to" to see a list of all organizations. Having access to an organization means that you are a member of at least one collection within this organization. The list of all organizations will also show your role within the different organizations. If you are only a member of one workspace or collection, your role will be "Guest". 

To see all projects and folders linked to the organization, click the organization name. Just like on the home screen, you will be able to see what kind of plan the organization is under. All resources will be listed below that. The folder name is written in bold, while the different projects are typed out below that in a slightly lighter colour. 

Your main organization is also labelled "Primary".

At the bottom of that menu, you can remove your access to that resources. To manage access to your organization follow the same steps as above. From within the profile settings, you will choose your organization's name within the "Organization" section. This will lead you to the organization settings.

Click the desired action and confirm it in the following popup.

Click here, to learn more about organizations, how to get acquired and how to manage the users and groups of your own organization.