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Want to receive different sorts of notifications or none at all? Just change your notification settings!
You can change notification settings by clicking on the "..." symbol in the top right corner of your inbox.

You can also change the notification settings by opening the notifications tab in your profile settings.

Each column refers to a different type of notification: 

  • Email will send the notification to your email.
  • Toast will push a little notification to the top right corner of your Zenkit window, similar to error messages.
  • Notification means that the notification will appear in your notifications menu.
  • Desktop sends a push notification to your desktop.
  • Mobil sends push notifications to your mobile devices.

Each row refers to things you may be notified about: 

  • Share are when a workspace or collection is shared with you
  • Activities are notifications about changes in collections, filters, or items you're subscribed to.
  • Comments are notifications about comments on items in collections, filters, or items you're subscribed to.
  • Reminders refer to notifications you receive when a reminder you've set is due.
  • @Mentions and Reactions are notifications you receive when another member has mentioned you in a comment.

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