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Here you can see all of the collections you're subscribed to, including from other products in the Zenkit Suite. e.g. If you've connected lists from Zenkit To Do to Base via the Zenkit Suite, you'll see lists or tasks you've subscribed to in To Do, too. 

To unsubscribe from a collection, choose "Manage Subscription" and click the X next to the subscription and then on "Unsubscribe" to confirm. 

You will only get some sorts of notifications such as comments and activities if you are subscribed to a collection.

You will also be subscribed to items you are assigned to by default. To turn this function off, tap or click the toggle next to "Automatically subscribe me to tasks I am assigned to" to the off position.

Restore Defaults

This option will restore your notification settings to the default settings. This will not affect whether or not you are subscribed to a list.

Click here to learn more about your notification settings.