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Your projects are unique, so you should be able to manage them uniquely. Zenkit was created to help you build the tools and systems you need to organize your projects and business, your way.

How, you might ask? Well, Zenkit provides the ‘tools’ – Kanban boards, lists, spreadsheets, mind maps, calendars... and you provide everything else! Zenkit gives you the flexibility to track the information that matters most to you. Create collections of ideas, tasks, or people, and use custom fields to track relevant metrics.

The Basics

Zenkit Base is structured using workspaces, collections and items. You can add information to items using different types of fields, and change the way you see your data using views.

A workspace contains collections and members. You can create several workspaces and share them with any Zenkit user. For example, if you’re planning a mission to Mars you can create a workspace to manage it.

A collection is where you work on a project, or store data, and collaborate with others. Collections belong to workspaces. Members of each collection can access all items in the collection and, depending on their rights, edit items. In your Mission to Mars team, you add a few collections for different aspects of the project: Build Spaceship, Financial, Press, Astronaut Applicants, etc.

An item is a single piece of data – a customer, task, bug, invoice, anything! You can define what an item is in the collection settings. For example, in your ‘Build Spaceship’ collection, items can be called ‘Tasks’.

Fields are where you add the data you need to track for each item in a collection. There are several different field types, so you can track dates, links, labels, members, numbers, and much more! There’s no limit to the number of fields you can create.

Views are how you view your data – essentially the tool you use. In Zenkit, you can switch between views at any time, to use the one that suits you and your task best. Table, Kanban, calendar, list, or mind map, each has it’s use!


In addition to the basic structure described above, you can use Add-Ons to organize your account:

Recent Collections shows your recently visited collections on the homepage or the navigation panel.

My Favorites is a list of all items from across your account that you've marked as a favorite. You can create multiple 'favorite' tags, and thus multiple lists of items.

My Calendar shows items from up to 10 collections in one calendar view.

My Team is especially helpful if you're collaborating with a lot of people. You can view and add items assigned to you or others across all collections in your account.

Got it? Here's a quick guide to getting started in Zenkit.

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