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Archive a single item

To archive an item, click on the "..." icon in the top right-hand corner of any open item, then click "Archive Item".

Archive multiple items

To archive multiple items first, you need to select them. Selected items will be highlighted in blue in all views.
To select an item in table view, hover over the row number and click it.

To select multiple items in Kanban, list, mind map, and calendar view, hold Alt while you click on an item, or apply a filter and use the Ctrl/Cmd+A shortcut.

Once you've selected the items you want to delete, click where it says "x items selected" in the top right corner.

From the dropdown menu, click "Archive Items".

You can also archive multiple items from a particular Kanban list (i.e. all items with a particular label).

In Kanban view, click on the header of the list you want to archive all items of, then select "Archive Items of List".

To learn more about possible actions for multiple items, read our article on bulk actions.

Archiving recurring items

You can archive recurring items in the same way as regular items. To do this, open the item details and click on the "..." icon. 

To archive all items in the series, click "Archive Series" at the bottom of the panel. Confirm this by clicking "Delete" in the window that now appears. 

Click here to learn more about recurring items.