The theme in Zenchat governs your background and the transparency of menus and panels in all chats. For now, backgrounds cannot be chosen on a chat-by-chat basis, just for your profile as a whole. The only exception to this rule is in project chats, where the background of the chat is governed by the background of the related list or collection.

Access your theme settings by tapping or clicking your profile icon, then "Settings", "Theme".

To access your theme settings, click or tap on your profile icon, then "Settings", "Theme". 

You'll see two toggles:

  • Dark Mode: When dark mode is toggled on, panels become black and text becomes white. The background options will also change to darker pictures.
  • Transparent: When the transparent option is toggled on, panels and menus become partially transparent.

Under the "Backgrounds" section, you'll find a small selection of pictures or plain colors to use as a background. These change depending on whether dark or light mode is selected. Under "Personal" you'll be able to upload background images of your choice. This option is available only to users with a Plus plan or higher.

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For custom backgrounds you have the option to change the display type. To do so, click on "Edit" on the tile showing the background.

From here you can also delete a custom background.