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If you are looking for an ideal solution for your project management, Zenkit Projects is the right place for you! With Zenkit Projects, all parties involved in a project are brought together and a space for the essentials is created. This is where progress becomes possible, no matter how many projects are run at the same time and how big the challenge is.

For agile teams

Whether Kanban, agile, hyper-agile, classic with Gantt, communication driven, or cross-method... Nowadays there are countless approaches, methods, requirements, and features that make up project management. You can choose the best approach for your project and your team. Zenkit Projects lets you decide at any time which method to use to work on your project. By which method and how you visualize your project you can flexibly change and mix different approaches.

Classic Project Management

Available to you is the full spectrum of classic project management: Gantt charts including resource management, all 4 dependency types, critical paths, and much more. You also have almost unlimited levels for subtasks.

Global views

For a true multi-project solution, it is essential to have a common view of the tasks of different (or all) projects. For this purpose, you can choose from many global views: Global Lists, Global Calendars, and Global Kanban Boards. This way you don't have to jump from project to project if you want to keep an eye on the progress of the whole.


Zenkit Projects offers you no less than 720 different reports. This way, no reporting needs to remain unfulfilled. Create the reports you need to have important insights about your projects at a glance. This way you can identify risks, potentials, and opportunities and use them for your projects and your team.

Resource management

Keep track of your team's availability and workloads both within a project and across multiple projects!

You can easily discover free capabilities and shortcomings. Find the optimal schedule across all your projects and improve the efficiency of your organization.

The Zenkit Suite

By connecting to the Zenkit Suite, Zenkit Projects becomes even more powerful. The Zenkit Suite is the collection of Zenkit products that work together seamlessly through the sharing of resources. Each product can be thought of as giving you a different perspective or way to work with the same data.  The Zenkit suite constantly keeps growing.