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Customize your projects to make them stand out. You can give them a custom icon, adjust your project's timeline and change the background color or even the background image. This gives each project its own personality.

Project settings

Open the project settings by clicking on the title of the project when it is open.

If you have many people working together on a large project, this means many notifications at once. Mute notifications for your project by toggling the switch next to "Mute". (Green means mute.) 

Just like with your folders, you can add descriptions to your projects so that members and groups added later will know what the project is about. 

With a click on the "Folder" field, you can adjust the location of your project and work in a more flexible way


Set a timeline for your project to get the best form of scheduling. By adding a start and end date to your projects you will be able to keep an I on the time you have spent on finishing it. It will give you a fixed period of time for which you can adapt the management of multiple tasks inside your project to.

Muting your projects

If you have many people working together on a large project, this means many notifications at once. Mute notifications for your project by toggling the switch next to "Mute". (Green means mute.) Muting a project will mute all notifications about activities and changes besides comments you are directly @mentioned in. This helps to keep a clear overview of your main tasks.

Project Icon

You can select an icon specific to your project to make it stand out from your other projects. Choose from the set of pre-installed icons. Personalized icons are available only for plus plan users and higher. To find the perfect icon for your project, search for an icon in the search bar. To make your projects even easier to identify, you can change the colors of your icon and background. This way they can easily find and distinguish your projects from each other on the homepage.

To add a color, click "Icon color" or "Icon background color" and then select one from the color picker. To delete a color, click "Clear Color".

Besides icons and symbols, you can also upload images. To do this, click "Image" and either select "Drawing" to draw your project icon or upload a file from your device.

Below the project icon, you can change the name of your project at any time.


In the Actions section, you can send, print, export, duplicate, and move your project.

When exporting as a JSON file, choose whether you want to include archived tasks and comments or apply the current filter. Click "Share link" to copy the link to the project to your clipboard and paste it anywhere you want.

Bulk action

With "Bulk action" you can set, add, remove and replace the values of all tasks in the project. Enter the value to be set, added, removed, or replaced and click "Change".

By clicking "Archive Project" you move the project to the archive of your folder. From the archive, you can restore the project at any time without losing tasks or values. If you want to delete your project permanently, click on "Permanently delete Project". To delete the project permanently, click "Delete" again.

Please note that this action cannot be undone.