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In Zenkit Projects there are several archives where deleted tasks, projects, and fields can be recovered, filtered, or deleted in bulk.

Searching the project archive

Tasks that you have archived from your project at any time can be found in the Archive section of the project settings. To access the project archive, click on the project name within an open project or click on the "..." icon next to the respective project name on the start screen.

Just like within your open project, you can click on the task names to view the details.

Selecting and filtering tasks

To select specific archived tasks, hold down the ALT key while clicking on the task name.

If you want to find a specific set of tasks, you can use the filter in the upper right corner, just like in the normal project view.

Restoring or deleting tasks from the archive

You can restore or delete tasks from the archive using the "Restore" and "Delete" buttons displayed at the bottom of the tasks list.

The number displayed in these buttons shows either all tasks (if none are selected or filtered), the number of selected tasks, or the number of tasks matching the current filter (even if none are selected). If you have set a filter and then selected some of the tasks that match the filter, the selected tasks will restore/delete. As always, you will need to confirm the permanent deletion of tasks by clicking "Delete" a second time.

Please note that both you and our team can't restore tasks that have been permanently deleted. Please make sure you want to delete them before confirming.

Archive projects

You can archive projects if you no longer need them on your homepage but would like to access them again in the future. To archive, a project, the owner of the project should click on the "..." icon that appears when you hover over the project on your homepage to open the project settings. Another way to open them is to click on the project name within an open project. Inside the settings, scroll to the bottom and select "Archive Project".

You will then be prompted to confirm that you want to archive the project. Click on "Archive" to archive it.

When a project has been successfully archived, you will see a notification confirming this.

To close the notification, click the checkmark, or the link icon to open the Archived Projects of your folder settings.

Restoring an archived project

To restore an archived project, open the folder settings by clicking on the "..." icon next to the respective folder in the side panel, which appears by hovering over it. Select "Archived Projects" in the left panel.

Click on "Restore" to restore the project in the folder. 

Note: Only the project's owner can restore the project.

Deleting an archived project

To permanently delete an archived project, open the list of archived projects. Then click on "Delete" in the right margin of the respective project. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

If someone tries to access an archived project via a link, e.g. as a link of an email or as a bookmark in the browser, they will be informed that the project is archived and can be accessed via the folder settings.

Archive fields

With a business plan, you can add custom fields to your projects and archive or delete them as needed. You can access the archive of your fields by opening the project settings and then clicking on "Fields". Click on "Archived fields" to open the list.

Click "Restore" to restore the field or "Delete" to permanently delete it.

If you want to delete the field permanently, please confirm it in the following window. You can only delete and archive fields that you have subsequently added to your project as a "Custom Field".