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Especially if you work on several projects at the same time, it can quickly happen that tasks overlap. With the global calendar, you can perfectly schedule the tasks of all your projects to avoid overlaps and chaos. 

Freely choose which projects you want to be visible in the global calendar. To create the global calendar, click on "Create Smart View" and select "Global Calendar".

After creating the global calendar, it can be found in the side panel in the "Smart Views" section.

On the left side of the screen, there is an overview to which you can add your calendars. To do this, click on "+ Add calendar" and select the corresponding projects.

You can also add external Calendars. Follow the same steps as described above but choose "iCal" instead of "Projects". External calendars are great if you for example want to insert all bank holidays from your country at once.

Following that, you will see a small window including a text field in which you can type in the name of your calendar and an area for a URL. Insert your desired URL there and click "Add".

The tasks of your projects will be displayed on the corresponding date (Due Date field) after they have been added. So that you can still distinguish your projects from each other, each project has its own color. You can customize it as you wish. Hover your mouse over your project so that a brush, an eye, and an "x" symbol appear. Clicking on the brush will open a color picker from which you can choose.

Click on the eye to hide the project in your calendar. Click on the "x" icon, to remove the project from your global calendar. Don't worry, the project can be added back at any time by clicking "+ Add Calendar".

The docked panel with the respective calendars can be hidden by clicking on the arrow. After that, it can be found on the right above your calendar with the label "X Calendar". 

This is also where the filter function is located. Select between the project members whose tasks you want to see in the global calendar.

Choose whether you want to see your calendar in the week view, where you can jump from week to week using the arrow icons...

...or in the month view. Simply scroll here to get to the desired location.

The current day is highlighted in light blue. To jump directly to the current week or month, click on "Today" at the top right of the calendar.

Select the "..." icon to adjust the size of the tasks and the position of the images.

Of course, you can add tasks directly to the respective date. To do this, move the mouse over the desired day and click on the "+" symbol that now appears. Enter the name of your task. You can adjust the date in the window and select which project the new task should be assigned to.

If you feel like a task's due date is wrong, you can simply drag and drop it to the desired date.