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With Resource Planning you have the possibility to track the workload of your employees at a glance. With the help of this Smart View, tasks can be distributed fairly within projects, and teams can work efficiently. To create resource planning, click on "Create Smart View" and select "Resource Planning".

After creating resource planning, it can be found in the side panel in the "Smart Views" section.

On the left side of the screen, you will see all your employees listed. Clicking on an employee will show you all the tasks assigned to him. 

The workload is displayed in bars for the respective days, weeks, months, quarters, and years. Green means that the workload matches the value of the maximum workload you have defined. Yellow slightly overruns it and red severely overruns the value you have defined.

The current day is highlighted in blue.

Click on "Tasks" in the top right corner to open the menu. If you want to see all tasks, click on the "x" symbol on the applied filter. If you want to see specific tasks, select the respective team member or "Not assigned" on the left side of the overview.

Besides "Tasks" you can choose if you want to see the workload of a day, a week, a month, a quarter, or a year.

You can scroll from left to right or from right to left to move to following or previous days, weeks, months, years, etc.

Clicking on "Today" will take you back to the current date.

In the top right corner above the calendar overview, you will also find a slider that allows you to determine the size of the columns. If you choose a smaller column size, you will see several days, weeks, etc. at once.

To edit the resource table, click on the "..." icon. 

Select "Included Projects" to customize which projects should be visible in the overview. With " Maximum Workload per Day and User" you can customize how high the workload should be for your employees on a daily basis. This value is essential for resource planning. In addition, you can exclude Saturdays and Sundays by toggling the switches. (green means excluded).