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Have you ever looked at your project and felt completely overwhelmed? Whenever you need to tackle a large project, the best advice is always to break down large tasks into smaller subtasks that feel manageable and accessible on a realistic schedule. With the Subtasks field, you can quickly and easily add subtasks to any task and create a hierarchical structure that makes it clear which task belongs to which. The Subtask field is closely linked to the Hierarchy and Mind Map views. Adding and removing tasks from the Subtask field or even changing the position in the Subtask field directly affects where the task appears in the views.

The Subtask field is included by default in every project you create.

Adding subtasks to tasks

To add subtasks to a task, click "Add Subtask...", type your task name, and then click Enter.

You can create as many subtasks as you like this way. To open a subtask, click on its name. You can also add existing tasks as subtasks by clicking the search icon on the right side of the field and typing the name of the task you want to add.

Subtask field properties

To view the properties of the Subtask field, click Subtasks in the Fields section of the Project Details.

A window appears where you can change the name of the field, add a description, and select whether existing tasks can be selected and whether a hierarchy path should be displayed can be chosen.

Displaying the hierarchy path

To display where a task is located in the hierarchical structure of the project, open the field properties and activate the toggle switch next to "Show path".

The hierarchy is displayed at the top of the subtasks field. Click the name of a task in the hierarchy to open it.

Subtasks are marked as completed when you mark a task complete. 

Note: If you uncheck a subtask of a checked task, it will be unchecked, while the unchecked parent task will not uncheck its completed subtasks.

Filtering tasks in a hierarchical area

In Zenkit Projects, we have a range filter that helps you find all tasks within a specific hierarchical range - consider all top-level tasks or all tasks in a range with the selection of different options.

To use this filter, open the Filter menu, click "+ Add Condition" and select the Subtasks field. Use the sliders to reduce the selection of displayed levels.

If you move the sliders to position 1, only tasks of the first level are displayed. If you set the sliders to 1 and 3, tasks in levels 1,2, and 3, etc. will be displayed.