Zenforms is an easy and powerful way to create forms that are fun to answer. A form is a tool to structure your questions and acquire knowledge. Collect data, base your decisions on that data, create subforms and more. Give those who fill out the form, the chance to remain anonymous, implement it on your website or simply add them as members to your Form.

Once you have logged into your account. You will be led to the home screen of Zenforms. To add a new form you can click "Create a new form" underneath the first workspace.

You can also simply click the plus icon within the navigation panel on the left side of the screen and choose "Create new form" there.

Creating a brand new form

Click "Create a new form" and give your new form a name and choose to which workspace it should be added. By that, a new Collection is created.

Creating a form from an existing collection

Creating a form from an existing collection works pretty much the same way. Click on "Create a form from an existing collection", give the form a name and choose to which Collection the Results should be added. 

The form will then appear on your home screen. Click on it to start creating your pages. The answers to multiple forms can be collected in one single collection.

In editor mode, give it a title, and add fields by clicking on "Add Control". A form can also consist of several pages. Click on the "..." icon in the top right of the page and select "Create page to the right". The pages will be added on the right side of the page you added them from but can be easily swapped back and forth by using drag and drop.

Edit the submit button in the bottom left of the page, by simply clicking on it and typing in whatever you want the button to say.