Add-ons are a way to enable extra features in your Zenkit profile that adds a new level of functionality to your experience. They may work for your entire account, or you may enable them only for one collection.

We have created add-ons in order to keep Zenkit as clutter-free as possible! If you don't need a feature, then you simply don't enable the add-on! 

Access collection add-ons

To enable add ons, click on "Form settings" in the top right corner. Click the collection name in the section "Collection" and select "Manage Add-ons" at the very bottom of the left side of the freshly opened window. (collection settings)

Collection Themes

The collection themes add-on allows you to set a particular theme or background for a single collection. Every member of the collection will see the chosen collection background as it overrides the profile background. Click "Add" right next to "Collection Themes" within the add-on section of your collection settings. Click here, to read the entire article about collection themes.

Task List

Do you like checking tasks off as you get them done? Does that little ping of completion put a pep in your step? Then we have the feature for you! Any collection in Zenkit can be set up as a "task list" collection. Doing this means that in any view except the table view, you'll be able to check a box to mark tasks as "done". This will also automatically move that item down the list!

Setting up your to-do list is quite simple. The task list add-on works by creating a checkbox that moves an item from one label to another in a label field of your choice. When setting it up, first you need to choose the label field you want to move items in. 

Then you select the label you want to move them from, to the label you want to move them to and get started. Click here to receive more information on the task list add on.

Calendar Synchronization

When you activate the calendar sync add-on for a collection, you can sync your Zenkit collection with an external calendar. This is a two-way synchronization, meaning that once the calendar is connected, any changes that you make in Zenkit or in your calendar will be reflected in both apps! This includes creating new items/calendar entries and deleting them.

At the moment this is only possible with Google Calendar, but we're working on adding more!

Select the calendar service you'd like to connect with from the list, then click "Next". 

Authorize calendar sync

You will be asked to authorize the connection with your chosen calendar service. Choose the Google account you want to connect, then click "Allow" to the request if Zenkit can manage your calendars.

Click here to get a more detailed explanation on how to activate the Calendar Synchronization to your forms and collections.

iCalendar Subscription

The iCalendar add-on is a calendar subscription based on the open source iCalendar (.ics) standard to allow you to integrate your Zenkit calendar into other calendar apps such as iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc. This calendar subscription is one-way (Zenkit -> external Calendar App). 

Click on "Add" next to "iCalendar". In the next window, pick which fields should appear in the destination calendar.

Click here, to receive more information on how to manage the iCalendar Subscription add on.

Email to Collection

The email-to-collection add-on lets you email tasks to any collection that has the add-on enabled. Each collection has it's own unique email address, and you can even create email addresses that automatically assign the items! 

After you enable the add-on (let's call it "E2C" from now on), the next window will help you set it up.

You can find the collection's unique email address in the first section. Your username at the front of the email means that you will be attributed as the person who created the item.

Click here, to get more information on the E2C add on.