In Zenkit we generally distinguish between profile and app settings. To learn more about profile settings, click here. To access the Settings click your profile icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

Click "Settings" after that. The Zenkit Forms app settings can be divided into four sections. "Upgrade", "Notifications", "Archive", and "Dark Mode". 


To receive more information on how to upgrade your account, check out our article about managing your subscription.


Notifications Types

There are five types of notification:

  • General - These notifications inform you when you've been added to a form or workspace, or a collection 
  • Reminders - If you set a date for a task, you can also set a reminder to ping you at some chosen time prior to the due date/time.
  • @Mentions - If someone mentions you in a comment you will get a notification.
  • Activities - If something in changes, like a new member being assigned, due date changing, task marked done, or tasks archived. 
  • Comments - If someone comments on something, you get a notification. Comments appear under the "Subscriptions" section because you will only get this notification type if you subscribe to a list.

Notification Locations

There are also 5 places you can receive a notification:

  • Email will send the notification to your email.
  • Toast will push a little notification to the top right corner of your Zenkit window.
  • Notification means that the notification will appear in your notifications menu.
  • Desktop sends a push notification to your desktop.
  • Mobile sends a push notification to your phone if Zenforms is installed.

Change your notifications

To change where you get notified about a certain type of notification, tap on the notification type and then turn the toggles on or off depending on your needs.


Within the archive, you will be able to find archived responses that will be displayed in the "Items" section as well as archived collections. 


In the collections section, all your archived collections will be listed. To restore those, simply click "Restore". If you want to permanently delete them, click "Delete". You will be asked to confirm this action. Please note, that this action can not be undone.


To keep the archive clearer, archived items only become visible when searching for them. Type the term into the search bar. 

Hover onto the desired item and either restore or permanently delete it. In case you decide on deleting the item, you will be asked to confirm the action. Please note that this can not be reversed.

Dark Mode

When dark mode is toggled on, panels become black and text becomes white. The background options will also change to darker pictures.