The Duplicate Check feature in Zenforms allows you to ensure those duplicate responses are not submitted for certain fields. By being able to select specific fields for this function, forms can be brought all the way to the next level. 

Duplicate checking can be activated from within the form settings. To do this, click on "Settings" in the upper right corner.

This will open the form settings. Within the middle section, you will find a few toggles. Activate the switch next to "Duplicate check" by clicking on the field.

By activating the button, another field appears below "Duplicate check". This field allows you to select certain fields for the duplicate check if it is not to be applied to all of them.

For example, if you have an employee survey in which employees state how long they have been with the company, the duplicate check would exclude duplicate data. However, in this case, the duplicate check is not required for this field, thus it can be excluded from the duplicate check.

The blue check marks mean that the corresponding fields will be checked. In case you would like to see the different features in action before signing up for a subscription, please click here to arrange a free demo with our sales team.