Your forms will be protected from spam by default with our Zenkit CAPTCHA. But as not every user wants to work with the Zenkit CAPTCHA or any CAPTCHA at all, it is possible to switch to Google reCAPTCHA or deactivate spam protection completely.

To manage your forms' spam protection, you will have to open the form settings. Those can be accessed from the top right corner of an opened form.

Within the third section from the top, you will then see "Spam Protection". Click that to manage your spam protection settings. 

As mentioned above, the Zenkit CAPTCHA is set as default. Click "No CAPTCHA" to deactivate Spam protection for your form entirely or choose "Google reCAPTCHA". 

While the Zenkit CAPTCHA will show a generated image with letters and numbers, that the user has to copy into a field, the Google reCAPTCHA is an invisible CAPTCHA, which determines whether or not the user is a human. The Zenkit CAPTCHA is entirely GDPR compliant.