The widgets available for the Dashboard are divided into different categories, such as charts, lists, calendars and utilities.

The second category is Lists.

We currently offer two different kind of lists: Projects and Task Lists. 


With the Projects list you will be able to get a quick and comprehensive view of all your projects in one place. This is very similar to our Smart Views that you might already know. Imagine having our Smart View on your personal and individual dashboard!

Just like with any other Widget, click on the desired one to start adding it to your dashboard. As soon as you have clicked on it, the first basic settings will appear on the very left side of the Preview. 

The settings are very basic. Type in an individual name for your widget, decide which projects should be included and manage the aggregations and sortings of it.

On top of that you will also be able to create a whole new project in the process of creating this new widget. Simply click on "Create Project" to start fresh.

As soon as you are happy with all your settings for the widget, click on "Create". This will add you personalized widget to your dashboard.

Task List

The Task List widget is also very similar to one of our Smart Views. This widget will display all tasks in an overview grouped and sorted to your individual likings.

The difference compared to the Projects widget is, that here you can also add a filter. This will then only show the tasks that meet the conditions set by you. On top of that you can sort the tasks by any of your fields.

As for grouping, we do have four different options for you to group the tasks by. Choose between "Project", "Stage", "Assigned to" and "Tags". 

To create the widget just click "Create" in the top right corner of the preview, just like always. ;)