As you might have already seen in Zenforms, forms are available in our other Zenkit products as well. With the form view, you can easily create forms for your projects. Learn how to only allow tasks to be added to your projects via a form or create an action widget, that enables you to launch frequently launched forms directly from your home screen or a dashboard.

Creating a form view

To create a form view, click the tiny "+" in the view tab at the very top of your project.

You will then see a collection of all available views. Scroll to the very bottom, choose "Form Editor" and "Create" after that.

In case you want to get any more details on forms, feel free to look into the knowledge base we created specifically for Zenforms.

Adding control types to your form view

After having added the form view to your project, you will be able to add different control types to the form. Click the blue button that says "Form Control" and choose your desired one. You can add as many controls as you wish to. 

To add a new form page, simply click on the little "Add Page" in the top right corner of the screen. To access the form settings, hover over the page and click the tiny settings symbol in the top right corner of the page. The plus that appears there can also be used to add a new page.

A preview of your form can be viewed by clicking "Preview" in the top right corner of your page. Here you can also access the project activities, comments, an overview of all members and the form settings. 

Click the "..."- symbol to access the form settings. Choose to number your controls consecutively, show a progress bar when someone is filling out the form, hide the branding, include duplicate checks, manage confirmation emails as well as the success page and much more.


Forms as the Default Input

You can now configure your existing projects only to allow adding tasks via a specific form. This would replace the usual "Add" function and ensure that you always gather all the necessary information during creation.

Open the project settings to set up a specific form that will function as task input. Click "Form for new tasks". You will then be able to choose from existing form views, that transfer the acquired answers in the form of tasks to your project. 

Forms in the Dashboard

With our new Action Widget, you can launch frequently used forms directly from your home screen or a dashboard. You will no longer have to leave the dashboard to find a specific link or collect important information in a form.

When adding an action widget choose "Form" from the drop-down choice and personalize your button text. The widget will then show when the last action was performed. With a simple click on the widget, you can then fill out the form from your dashboard.

Click here, to learn more about dashboards and widgets.