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When you create a new project, some fields are automatically assigned to your tasks. These can be customized in the project settings.

Editing field properties

To edit the field properties, open the project settings. This works by either clicking on the "..." icon to the right of the project name on the start screen, or by clicking on the project name within your open project. Then select "Fields" in the "General" section.

The primary field in Zenkit is always a text field (for example title or notes). It is used as the name or title of a task. It appears on top of a task in the details view. Each text field can be set as a primary field.

Various actions are available for each field. Within a project, you can use bulk actions to adjust the field of all tasks or duplicate the field. Some fields offer an additional option.

You can also use label fields as headers for Kanban lists.

For date fields, decide whether to include time by default, add the current date to new items, or highlight overdue due dates.

Default reminders can be added to date fields.

With member fields, you can choose to allow members to add additional users or to use the field as a kanban list header.

Additionally, for number fields, select the default value and specify a format.

Similarly, for subitem fields, you can choose to display the path, allow selection of existing items, and allow tasks to be linked by default.

With reference fields, decide whether to allow the creation of new tasks, selection of new tasks, and the referenced project.