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With the help of reports, you can visualize the workload of your team members. Through color gradations, you can see how the workflow is progressing as well as the workload in hours. These Smart Views allow you to visualize the tasks of your projects so that you can accurately track progress. To create a report, click on "Create Smart View" and select either "Report (Bar)" or "Report (Sunburst)".

After creating your report, it will be located in the side panel on the left in the section "Smart Views".

Report (Bars)

The bars report shows you the progress of all tasks divided into 'All Tasks', Members' and 'Unassigned'. These are automatically sorted by workload (from high to low).

In the upper bar 'All tasks' you can see the different stages your tasks are divided into. At the bottom right of each bar, you can see the number of tasks and the workload in hours.

You can use the filter function to search for specific conditions. Either use the text field to search for the title of a specific task or filter your tasks by various conditions.

When filtering by at least two conditions, you can choose between "and" and "or". With "and" all your selected conditions apply to the filter results, while with "or" at least one condition always applies to the filtered tasks.

To remove a filter condition just click the "x" symbol that appears on the right, when you hover over it.

To see all tasks listed, click on "Tasks" in the upper right corner above the bar. The tasks will be displayed grouped by project. You can also add new tasks to your projects here. Click on the project name below the input line to select the matching project for your new task.

Edit your report by clicking on the "..." icon. Adjust the included projects, choose what the bars should be colored by and how the tasks should be grouped. The tasks are grouped into three levels. 

Level 1 is the top level of the bars and is always visible in the regular view. The bars are labeled according to the different parameters that level 1 has. Level 2 is the color subdivision within each bar. To see Level 2, click on the small arrow on the right edge of a bar. For example, if 'Stage' is selected for Level 2, the color subdivision could be 'To Do', 'In Progress', and 'Done'. Level 3 is the last and becomes visible when you expand the bars in Level 2.

If your tasks and projects have more than just the aggregation workload, you can customize that as well. If you need to collapse or expand many bars, it can be helpful to do it with all bars at the same time. You also have the option to export the report as a CSV file.

Report (Sunburst)

With the Sunburst report, you can see the totality of all tasks displayed in a diagram. In the center of the diagram, you can see the number of tasks and the workload in hours. 

This report is also divided into three different levels. Level one is the inner circle (blue), level 2 is above it (lilac) and level 3 is the outer circle (purple).

The display of the total working time always adjusts to the field you are currently hovering your mouse over. You can 'touch' several fields at the same time. Namely, always within a section in Level 1 a field from Level 2 and Level 3. 

Above the sunburst, you can always see for which fields and values within the circles precisely the working time and task number is currently displayed.

Just like with bars, you can view all tasks by clicking on "Tasks". In the same field, you can also add new tasks and assign them directly to your corresponding projects.

Click the "..." icon in the upper right corner to customize the levels, select which projects to include in Sunburst, or change the aggregation.