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There are several ways to easily assign members to tasks in a project. Assigned members will receive a notification when they have been assigned so that they know that they are responsible for the task.

Drag and Drop

The fastest way to assign members is to drag and drop them. You can drag and drop a member from anywhere that a member's icon or initials appear: the member's menu, from your own user icon, from a member field in which they are already added as a member, or even from activities and comments!

Drag the member you want to assign a task to, and drop it into the task. The task will turn grey when it's registered your mouse is hovering over it.

This will assign the member to the "Assigned to" field in the task. If no member field exists, it will be created when you add the first member to your task. If you have a task detail panel open, you can drag and drop the member to the specific member field.

Search and add

You can also easily add a member from an open detail panel. Just click "Add a member" under the member field you want to add them to and select them from the dropdown menu.

If the person you want to add is not part of the project yet, you can add them by clicking "Add Member to Project" or through the project settings. Click here, to learn how to manage your project members.