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You will receive notifications when you are added to a task, project, or folder as a member. You will also be notified when changes are made to a task, filter, or project. If a project is not muted, you will also be notified when reminders are due.

Notification menu

The notifications menu is accessible from the small bell icon in the side panel on the left. If you have unread notifications there is a red circle on the bell with the number of notifications inside.

To see your notifications, click on the bell.

Notifications that you have not read yet are marked with a blue bar. Clicking on the notification will take you to the project or task you are notified about.

To mark a notification as read without actually reading it, click "Read" below the notification.

To mark all notifications as read, click "Mark all as read" in the lower-left corner.

Notification filter

It is possible to filter your notifications to show only read or unread notifications, as well as notifications specific to a project.

Notification settings

Do you want to receive different types of notifications or none at all? Make simple changes to your notification settings and customize them to fit your workflow.

You can open the notification settings by clicking on "Settings" in the notification menu.

They categorize into General, Activities, Comments, Reminders, and @Mentions.

  • General notifications are for when a folder or project is shared with you
  • Activities means the notifications made about changes to projects, filters, or tasks are assigned to you.
  • Comments also refers to the notifications about comments on projects, tasks, and filters.
  • Reminders refers to notifications you receive when a reminder you set is due.
  • @Mentions refers to notifications you receive when another member has mentioned you in a comment.

Select the category you want to edit to open the options. Here you can select and deselect the respective notification types.

Each line refers to a different type of notification:

  • Email sends notifications to your email.
  • Toast sends a small notification to the corner of your Zenkit window, similar to error messages.
  • Notification means the notification will appear in your notification menu.
  • Desktop sends a push notification to your desktop.
  • Mobile sends a notification to your deposited mobile device.

Restore Defaults

This option will reset your notifications to the default settings. This will not affect whether or not you have muted a project.