Zenkit Suite

Just like every other Zenkit product, you can connect Zenforms via the Zenkit Suite to any Zenkit product, you desire. To do so simply open the form settings and click the collection name at the very top of it. 

This will open the Collection settings. Among many other things, you will find the section "Zenkit Suite" on the right side of the settings. Click on it to see which apps you could connect to.

To connect your form to another Zenkit product, simply click "Connect" next to the corresponding product. 

Connecting a Form with Zenkit Base or Projects

After you clicked "Connect" you will be led to Zenkit Base. Here you will be asked again if you really want to connect your form with Zenkit Base. Confirm this by clicking "Connect" again.

In Zenkit Projects, you will be asked to create the required fields. Those are necessary for global views such as global Kanban and so on.

You will then be able to see your form in Zenkit Base. The special thing about the connections via the Zenkit Suite is that you now will be able to access AND edit the form from both apps. So, if you'd like to keep it simple, you could simply work with just one app while being able to use the features of both, Zenforms and Base. 

As you may already know from using Zenkit Base, we offer many different views, your collections can be displayed in. This comes very in handy when looking at and organising your responses. By clicking the little forms icon in the top right corner, you can access all of them. 

To add a new vies to your form, just click "+ New View". Some views such as Kanban or Mindmap may require the existence of certain fields. You will be asked to create them as soon as you create the view. 

Switch back and forth from editor and response mode by changing the views. The form can be edited in 'Form View' and the results can be viewed and managed (by adding fields for example) in all other views in Zenkit Base or Projects.
This works nearly the same for Zenkit Projects.

Connection a Form with Zenkit To Do

Connecting your form with Zenkit To Do works pretty much the same as connecting it with Base or Projects. Click "Connect" within your collection settings. You will then be led to Zenkit To Do. The window that appears shows the field matching. Click the blue "Field Matching" to manage that. This was you can check, which results are corresponding to which fields within To Do. Some fields might need to be created. Simply click "Create" to do so.

Your responses will be visible within a To Do list now and can be edited by using both To Do or Zenforms.

Connecting Zenforms to Zenchat

Just like with all the other Zenkit Suite connections you will be asked, whether you want to connect your form with Zenchat. To confirm that simply click "Connect" again.

A chat will be created with all your form members. You can create tasks, chat about them or simply chat about the form itself.