You can transfer ownership of a folder or project to anyone else who is a member of that folder or project. Only the current owner may transfer ownership. 

Transfer folder ownership

Hover your mouse over the folder name within the side panel and click the "..." symbol. Another way to open the folder settings of a project would be to click the project name within an opened project and to scroll to the section "Folder".

In the "Access" section of the folder settings, choose the member you would like to transfer the ownership to. Click "Transfer Ownership" at the very bottom of the new window.

Transfer project ownership

Click on the project name while it's open to open the project settings. In the "Access" section click on a project member.

You will see all project roles listed.

Select "Transfer Ownership" below the roles.

Once you've transferred a folder or project to someone else, you will lose all ownership permissions, such as deleting the folder or moving the project.

To learn more about access control within your folders and projects, click here.