With automations in Zenkit Projects, it is now possible to smooth out any workflows you have within your projects. No need to mark tasks as done manually or set a due date for tasks. Choose which automations suit your workflows best or add and create your individual ones.

To add an automation to your project, you must have admin rights in the corresponding project.

One way to create an automation is the small button in the top right corner of your projects. 

After having clicked "Automations", the project settings will open up. Click "+ Create Automation" to continue. 

You will then see a menu that looks very similar to what you see when creating a new view. Here, you can either choose from the given suggestions or even create an individual automation.

Besides using the button within the project, there are other ways for you to add an automation. Adding and managing automations can also be done straight from the project settings. Open the project settings by clicking the name in the top left corner of your project. All other steps are the same ones as described above.

The third way to add an automation is from out of the organisation section within your profile. Click "Automations" from the menu options on the left side of the screen. After that, follow the steps described above. 

Further personalize and add the automation

Once you have reached the menu of preset automations, select the one you want from the templates. You can now personalize it.

Give the automation a name and a description or customize the triggers and actions to your liking. You can find more information about how to personalize automations hereOnce you have completed all the necessary settings, click "Create" to add the automation.

Please note that if you add an automation via the organization settings, you will not get any preset automations suggested and you will have to additionally select to which project it will be applied.